Bond Falls

Next stop is Bond falls! And the rain has let up! Bond falls is such a beautiful place to stop and visit. The falls are located on Bond Falls Rd, east of Paulding MI.What I really like about this waterfall is the fact that it has a boardwalk all along the front so it is easy to get a good view of the falls without much effort. To the right of the falls there are steps but be careful the can be slippery when wet as they usually are But there are other nice view further up the trail. The last photo with the stone carin is just a special treat for Greg Perez who just loves these so much, lol just kidding he told me he hates them and kicks them over when he see them! This one’s for you!


Here are Just a few more views from different angles and some wildflowers that I liked.


Friday June 14th

I’m heading towards Gogebic Lake state park today, made a stop in Iron Mountain for lunch about 10:30 and back on the road by 10:45 I put $20 of gas in the van got 7.55 gals. Stopped at Wal-Mart to pick up a few things then found my way in the rain to Fumee Falls. It was a challenge to get good shots because of the rain, so I used the rain cover I had purchased for my camera. Then I got smart and drove the van around so I was right in front of the falls and took a few more through the open window! Fumee Falls is located between Iron MT and Norway. It is right along the road side on US-2 and very easy to visit!


Returned to Indian Lake Staate Park.

Had an early supper, and then walked around the trails in the park for a while. It’s still really windy but its not raining! I took some time downloading my photos from yesterday and today the wind just doesn’t want to give up! Maybe it will blow away any rain for the next few days. Went for a walk down by the lake, followed a trail along the lake, the sun was setting and the light was coming in through the trees and casting shadows and beams of light on the path, really beautiful! I got some nice pictures of the sun going down along the shore having a great night! Drove 115.2 miles today not bad!


A beautiful view of the limestone cliffs.

This spot is so neat to visit but there is a lot of walking involved. I wanted to go hiking on some of the trails but I was worn out from all that walking and the way back to my car was all uphill. I’m so glad they had benches placed along the way, once I just sat on the stone wall heading up the hill! Glad I had water with me to drink! There is a lot more to see here but I got what I was interested in and headed out.


Some where we have a picture of my brother standing in the window, not sure now which one it was – maybe the middle of the three larger ones. When Christopher was about 5 years old we went there and had him stand in the same spot!


Mary's Loft Woven throwsI

I have placed my woven throws in bags with a photo and description of each one inside the bag!  This will keep my throws clean and dry for my customers.

Woven throw ”Cow”

Woven throw ”Cow”


Crisp Point


June 30, 2018

My how fast the year is going, I had my back fused in March so moving a bit slow. Grand kids are growing so fast! My nature pillows are selling great! I just ordered a woven throw with Crisp Point Lighthouse on it turned out beautifully. Artalicious Fine Arts Fair in Adrian, Michigan  is September 21 & 22, 2018  Come on out and have a great time !



Brandon, Olivia and Anna

Brandon, Olivia and Anna

Some of my nature pillows

Some of my nature pillows

Woven Trow of Chrisp Point Lighthouse!

Woven Trow of Chrisp Point Lighthouse!

January 10, 2018

I have been working on getting my web site updated, this may take awhile! I recently ordered Mugs and then Pillows made with my photography. They really look nice!

I sold the mugs that  I had, will order more and place the photos soon.


December 16th, 2017

This has been a busy year, not gotten much done on the web site. Going to spend time working on it today.

New Photos are up, let me know what you tink so far!

Hello Everyone!

It's been awhile since I have added anything here. Getting back on track.

Its been a busy year so far, lots of things happing in my studio.  Coming up fast is the Civitan's 39th Annual Grand Giveaway Saturday April 22nd, 2017. Several artist from the ACA ( Adrian Center for the arts) have been invited to have spaces and some will be demonstrating their work. I will have a spot, hope to see you there!

Next up is the ACA's 2nd Spring fling. Sunday May 7thNoon - 6 pm Our theme this year is Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Art. We will have food, music, demonstrations and free art projects for kids!

In Studio One we will have Dorothy and the cowardly Lion.

More to come about the Spring Fling soon. be sure to save the day!

Happy New Year 2017 !

Oh my a whole year has passed! Some much happened in 2016, I have my own studio at Adrian Center for the Arts, that has been keeping me busy. On December 7th we welcomed my Granddaughter Olivia Christiana Gautz. I will do better posting this year!

Happy New Year !

As the winter unfolds I will be adding new photographs from 2015 to the gallery page. Check back often to see what's new.

Starting this January I will be stepping into the roll of secretary for the LCVA for Connie McComb-Brown.

 Adrian Center of the Arts, which is located on the site of the former girls training school will have several building being used for the arts.  I will be starting a new and exciting adventure as a resident artist in Studio One. More about this later.