Mary Gautz

Out in the Field with God

I have always been drawn to nature, and you can see that reflected in my photography.

This website showcases a selection of my nature photography, shares with the viewer the wonders I have seen, and takes the viewer to a place they might never have been before. I often hear, “I know just where you took that!”  Then I know that through my work they have travelled back in their memories to revisit these places over again.

I like to document places and hope the viewer will get a sense of the wonders that surrounds us, as nature is always changing. The photography in this exhibition displays my love of nature and my closeness to God since without Him none of this would be possible. The hours I spend hiking surrounded by the beauty of nature makes me feel closer to God. We need to do our part to help protect His land for future generations.

As I take my photographs I frame the photos with the surrounding trees, and hope for a day that the sky is colorful or filled with clouds. I work to get the animal in a cute pose or catch that butterfly in just the right light, how to frame the subject and where to focus the camera to get the best result possible. Being in the right place at the right time is essential

As one of my professors taught me Look up, down, right and left. Take a different view from the normal and see the world in a whole new way.